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Battery point tasmania

The food is absolutely devine and made fresh. Coffee is okay but great cozy place. And a great little spot on Battery Hill May 27, By: Philip Greatbatch We have to give this bakery and cafe 5 stars. Zebby Augita Food is amazing in here!

Battery point tasmania

Staff are friendly and prompt. The staff were friendly and genuinely enjoyed giving service to the many patrons. Breakfast was so delicious and plentiful. The bakes displayed were the usual cakes with the addition of some unique creations. It's all round a great place for a Saturday morning breakfast. Definitively one of the best brunch spots in Hobart. I had high hopes for it, and this place offers a nice location and has plenty going for it. By 9am the place was absolutely packed with no where to park so we didn't bother eating in. Perfect toasted with nothing but butter. Probably I just don't like curried scallop pie overall. It was my first time trying so had no basis of comparison. The lack of star is the challenge my partner who is gluten, lactose, and soy free had with a few basic questions like is there dairy in the eggs? Alice Yap The place is only pretty really. The coffee is excellent and the staff are great. If you're a bit of a sweet tooth make sure you grab a cake on your way out for dessert tonight. The service was really good even though the staff were obviously swamped by the crowds. Very busy and I don't really get the hype. We ordered coffee and 2 small cakes. I thought the cafe down the road is actually just as good for coffee and breakfast minus the crowd. Always busy, the specials board is bigger than the menu so you definitely need to take a pick from there. The prices are extremely reasonable given that they're a popular bakery and for the quality of the items. We sat by the large windows and felt like we were on the street. Dessert and bakery are so good too! I am always impressed by their variety of cakes and pastries. Like I said, a real shame.

Battery point tasmania

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