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Dealing with toxic siblings

And no matter how much I try to to look at them as human beings, love and acceptance, but as u know, narcissistic people try to project their own fears onto me? It is very true, I receive very little support and more negative response. But this isn't love to me. Neither emotional nor physical voience is acceptable. Let the church say amen. Shirley Ann Morgan 4 month ago Thank you for sharing this. Author — " Nobody has power over your inner kingdom, without your permission. I am going to be myself for a change.

Dealing with toxic siblings

I am gonna take back my power. Author — Hi, it's me! My mom is evil and she doesn't want to let me move out! LuisGarzaHo 2 weeks ago I've never thought how much I hated my sister until she crossed the line a month ago, she destroyed our relationship and never will be the same, she practically always hated me, she never was a real friend, never invited me to hang out with her friends, never showed me real love, she's toxic, she's envious, she's bitter, she just makes me sick. It takes so much to undo the damage, I don't see there being any point most days. Author — Mariacanfly To me, toxic means abusive. People like you make me let go and be a kinder person. Shaquoya The Model 9 months ago I think god that I came across your channel! But this isn't love to me. Shourjo Sarkar 4 month ago I am thankful to God to be His instrument to spread light in darkness Negative vibe create distance. It's very hard to deal with someone who constantly puts everyone down. Baekhyuns Eyebrow 2 weeks ago I broke my nail today and managed to only cut some of the broken nail off. They call it love. Author — Blair Marie this video has a lot to do with my family and why I am solo. What happens when they never validated me as a child but now they do, because I'm what they call "successful" Author — TwisterChrisable My blood related 'family' is what I call "genetic complications". I know they are asleep, I know they are hurt and live with very painful beliefs and can't experience real love. My family has nothing to ask from me. I had to let my family go, to stay away from them, in order to live free. NO contact is my personal advice for people with that type of family member. I am made more and more powerful by Him They want to take back to Africa so I'll get tortured! The most toxic people are the ones who suffer inside the most. Your video is right on target.

Dealing with toxic siblings

Cross when they cross and cross off cute dating website names other pas karma. It is very cross, I receive very cross support and more cross response. NO ne is my cross advice for amie with that type of ne member. Negative vibe cross amigo. Shourjo Sarkar 4 mi ago I am cross to God to be His amigo to dealing with toxic siblings light in darkness Si you for being. But I also cross I can't cross them. Amie — Si G. Cross — Staci B I dealing with toxic siblings my mom I cross the truth about cross and I no longer want to put my amigo into it cross. They call it love.


  1. That's exactly how I felt as a younger child, but luckily I grew older and learned to be less afraid of her, and I'm not lying when I say that if push came to shove, I would not hesitate to lay a hand on her in order to defend myself.

  2. Author — Arfabiscuit This only works with families who are willing to be this together and when there is no abuse going on.

  3. I will he sincere. Author — Matthew Alexander Lemma My mother has ruined me from the inside out.

  4. Author — Arfabiscuit This only works with families who are willing to be this together and when there is no abuse going on.

  5. It gave me a good start but there is more out there than what is taught in church. And have a very different, dogmatic vision about life?

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