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Heavyset body

The Padre had reneged on payment for the weapons. They walked through a small office and into the storage room that comprised the majority of the building. But El Barquero would have the last word. He beat the man for an hour. It was a full ten minutes before anyone even bothered to stop. The bodies of two Mexican men rolled out, their throats slit. As quickly as it had started, the men took the vehicles and were gone.

Heavyset body

The driver was dead. In Mexico it was safer to drive past than get involved. Despite efforts by officials on both sides of the border, more than fifty thousand drug-related murders were reported between and Prologue Rosalina smiled at the warm sun climbing in the sky to the east of Monterrey, Mexico. It was a full ten minutes before anyone even bothered to stop. The Padre tried to have him killed. He had dark shoulder-length hair. Her husband had been taking her to work recently, but today he was out of town. In the middle of the block, two men stood outside a pockmarked building with a sign describing it as an automotive supply company. She pulled over to the right-hand lane and slowed to let them pass. Many of the victims were tortured first. The two sentries in front of the building immediately recognized the heavyset man. The man with dark hair reached in and unlocked the door. She never knew exactly where. You drive the van. Randel Published by Knuckleball Press All rights reserved This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of Stephen C. Many were women or young people. A group of men holding automatic weapons and with bandanas covering their faces jumped from the trucks and surrounded her car. She was stuck and scared. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. The young nurse hummed a nursery rhyme and thought of names for the baby as she drove toward the hospital. This was only a portion of the weapons he had stolen from the U. After the cartel soldier gave up the information, he gave up his life. The bodies of two Mexican men rolled out, their throats slit. As the fluorescent lights overhead flickered to life, they revealed rows of storage racks stocked with auto parts.

Heavyset body

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  1. The overwhelming majority of the weapons used in these crimes came from the United States.

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