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The vessel averages one gallon per mile when underway. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!! At the time of her launch in May of she was appraised at over three million Euros! As with any substantial refit work at Berthon, Aglaia then underwent a comprehensive assessment prior to the project plan being consolidated and put in place. The standing rigging was inspected on 28th October with the mast unstepped and all fittings removed for shot blasting and subsequent painting. The full specification is available here - http:


As the owner enjoys helming the yacht himself, the wheel is in the aft cockpit and the aft deckhouse is dedicated to navigation; when Atalante is at anchor, the whole aft area can be reserved for the owners. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!! You can now own Morning Star for about half what it cost to build her! Morning Star is a one of a kind blue water voyager that is an incredibly capable ocean going sailing machine of the highest order. There is a great aft seating area just behind the helm station and extra wide teak side decks for easy and safe movement to the foredeck with lots of room to relax. Owned by her first and only owner which now seriously want her sold. Crew's quarters are discretely located forward. Berthon employ over full-time skilled staff including over 20 project managers and 25 apprentices and as such comprehensive labour allocation plans across all trades jobs are worked up from the outset and constantly tweaked to ensure a seamless refit, with maximum efficiencies. Yacht Marine Ltd Eliad Hagiladi eliad yacht-marine. Immaculate modern Truly Classic 58 that has been hugely updated in this ownership - she shines from truck to keel and turns heads wherever she goes. To go with that she has a smart dark blue hull livery and she is VAT paid. Eliad Hagiladi Yacht Marine Ltd eliad yacht-marine. With a displacement of 80 tonnes she is extremely stable in all types of seas. Sailing Video - https: We provided three extremely experienced sailors to help with the delivery of Exuma, a HR More Information - http: She is like new having just been completely fitted out, upgraded and made ready for the current owners' world girdling ambitions. Whiskey Hotel sleeps 10 in 5 cabins which includes a full beam master. The refit included adding an additional on deck VIP stateroom, with en-suite head. Importantly she is coded to MCA Category 0 and is the perfect platform for adventure sailing and much more. On deck the yacht is vast and has a huge cockpit seating for al fresco meals and cocktails and is a great area to entertain. Huge spec and lots of nice features that you'd expect to see aboard larger yachts. Here, hatches, winches, tracks etc were lifted in preparation for removal of the teak deck. Lean management techniques applied by Berthon Project Managers allowed us to average just over hours per week peaking at hrs per week to attain maximum productivity on and off the yacht. Miss Behaving is a Discovery 55 that is now on the market and looking for a new crew to take her on new adventures. Your personal referrals are the greatest compliment. While Atalante is easily large enough to contain many more cabins, the owner preferred to have fewer, roomier interior spaces.


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  1. She is an exceptional fast cruising yacht and is perfect for a blue water cruise at pace and in great comfort.

  2. Here, hatches, winches, tracks etc were lifted in preparation for removal of the teak deck. Each of the five luxurious staterooms has its own distinctive guest experience, including private heads, media arrays, custom cabinetry, distinctive stonework and cedar-lined lockers.

  3. The refit included adding an additional on deck VIP stateroom, with en-suite head. Great looking sailing yacht which is available fresh from a nautical makeover of epic proportions including decks, paint, interior and all systems.

  4. The interior is finished in some lovely raised and fielded panelling of West Indies mahogany, with the ceilings and walls above the wainscot level painted white. Here, hatches, winches, tracks etc were lifted in preparation for removal of the teak deck.

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