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I have made videos of sargam geet of raagas. Ga to Dha for example with conventional Bansuri. Meend Meend is a slow slide from one note to the other. The speed of execution gives it a jerky movement. If it skips notes e. You can join our page https: If for example, you are playing kan of Ni for Sa then the Ni is articulated for very small duration. Lots of Singing Tips: If for example, you are playing kan of Ni for Sa then the Ni is articulated for very small duration.


Many of you have asked us to upload full concerts. Looking for systematic online tutorials which will help you learn flute or Bansuri? An improvisation is a technique that involves the progression of notes imagined extempore. The grace note is usually adjacent to the main note but does not have to be so. Want to learn Advance level of concert level improvisation? The Khatka is a faster improvisation of the principal note. Akash Flute in Raag Durga. He has experimented with a fusion of both Indian and Western music. So please watch those videos and learn how to practice sargam. Hindustani Classical - Instrumental Producers: I have also shared many singing tips in my channel. Ga to Dha for example with conventional Bansuri. Many Bansuri players have used innovations in grips or extra holes to overcome some of this limitation. Intensity of the grace note can vary. It adds a dimension and different mode in the music. In Bansuri, meend is played by slowly shifting fingers from one note to the other. New Baansuri Or flute review Video: If it skips notes e. Murki Murki is fast ornamentation around the main note and may have a number of swaras. You can join us at www. Murki is used more commonly in lighter forms of music, such as Thumri. The Darbar Festival has since grown into an annual festival at the UK's most prestigious venues, bringing together the finest Hindustani, Carnatic, dhrupad and percussion from Indian classical genres, as well as dance. Significance of this video Unlike other videos teaching basics of Indian Classical Music, it draws one's attention in order to refine one's singing capacity. It refers to a short, sharp figure of two or three notes so uttered that it occurs within a short span of time, wrapped around the central note. These things are for everyday practice, he who practices more, will be more fluent with strokes.


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  1. I have also made some videos of sargam practice. He plays the traditional Hindustani style of flute as well as contemporary.

  2. Comment ouvrir la voix? Our YouTube channel aims to bring you excerpts from our digital archives from live events, informative videos about Indian classical music as well as insights from artists themselves.

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