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He speaks of education as a means to an end in strictly monetary terms. Also cringeworthy is the notion of the 9. That was two and a half years ago. I fear she will regret medical intervention. I have a trans daughter. Additionally, 59 percent reported having considered it in the past year. Remember the days when the likes of John F. Might we be able to combine human and AI genius, and together come up with what would otherwise have taken centuries of iterative human work? I have rarely, if ever, agreed with Henry Kissinger or his political philosophy, but his article was insightful, thought-provoking, and spot-on.

Redlands pulse login

Daniel Culbertson San Francisco, Calif. The facts clearly show that supporting my trans child is the most important thing I can do to avoid hurting her. Every computer scientist, engineer, and entrepreneur should be exposed to the kind of classical training that fosters informed contemplation of such deep and difficult issues. I feel grateful I still have a child—a very happy child who is finally being herself. But preventing a teenager who has been deeply dysphoric for an extended period of time from starting hormones or puberty blockers is not responsible— it can bring terrible consequences, including, as Kanner notes, a potential increase in the risk of suicide. Gender identity is complicated, and no one piece of information— including the age at which a transgender or gender-nonconforming child comes out—can alone reveal which path is best. For the moment, while this treatment shows encouraging early signs of benefiting carefully diagnosed teenagers with persistent, severe gender dysphoria, there are little long-term data for those who begin this process during adolescence. Include your full name, city, and state. Is it really so terrible that this country has a small professional class 9 percent of Americans whose members own approximately four times as much as they would if wealth were equally distributed in the United States? Americans have not had that kind of class intermingling for decades. That each child and adolescent should be recognized and respected for their authentic self just makes common sense. How can these parents help their children gain access to the support and medical help they might need, he asked, while also keeping in mind that adolescence is, by definition, a time of fevered identity exploration? In a study conducted by Pace, an LGBTQ mental-health charity, 48 percent of trans people under the age of 26 said they had attempted suicide. More broadly, my article has been criticized as a veiled attempt to scare parents into not letting their gender-dysphoric children and teens transition. Bryan Johnson Venice, Calif. As our knowledge of gender expands, outcomes and care options expand as well. National service could take many forms and be used as an avenue to education, while giving young people a chance to see how the other half lives. But some detransitioners—not all— ultimately believe that physical transition was not the right course for them. After some initial skepticism, my mom and dad are now supportive of this change. Kissinger and the rest of the chorus are of course correct that technical development and discussions about AI safety and risks should be top priorities. Women were not admitted to most Ivy League schools until the s or later. Listening to young people is crucial to providing patient-centered care, encouraging authenticity, appreciating diversity, and modeling how to support some of our citizens who have little access to resources. Singal steers the conversation to those who regret their mistakes and their surgery. I have already lost the son I thought I had. This is not the norm, as the research shows. Because different adolescents need different care—and because of the high stakes—I have come to believe that the sorts of comprehensive, compassionate assessment protocols favored by many of the clinicians I interviewed will result in the best outcomes for the most teenagers.

Redlands pulse login

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