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Also, if an editor dislikes another editor and the editor that is disliked edits a page and the editor that dislikes the person that edits the page, then the person's edits will be reverted even if the edits are good edits. Hiruzen eventually started investigating a number of disappearances throughout Konoha. Also, worshippers of Mr. Hiruzen attempted to peacefully resolve the conflict but negotiations consistently stalled. At some point, Hiruzen married Biwako and they had a son, Asuma , and at least one other child who became an Anbu. Because Minato never had the opportunity to explain the cause of the Nine-Tails' attack, Konoha's leadership came to suspect a member of the Uchiha clan was responsible due to the Sharingan 's ability to control the Nine-Tails. Did they link to an article I previously wrote?


A disciple of the village's previous Hokage, Hiruzen was a powerful ninja, hailed as a " God of Shinobi ". Seeing that this method showed promising results, the Financial Department of Wikipedia decided to make an even greater fund raising event which attracted more people. Also, if an editor dislikes another editor and the editor that is disliked edits a page and the editor that dislikes the person that edits the page, then the person's edits will be reverted even if the edits are good edits. Wikipedia traces its origins to , when a pair of bored college students, Jimbo Wales and Larry Sanger , decided that the same principles that made things like the graffiti on bathroom stalls great could also be applied to internet encyclopedias. Contents History and creation The name " nu pedia " clearly shows a connection with Jimbo's earlier project bomis. In the anime, he followed a lead provided by Kakashi Hatake , [9] which ultimately led him to discover that Orochimaru was behind it all. Criticism Vandalism A typical Wikipedia article. Yes, Wikipedia is quite content with itself. During a mission they started to be pursued by Kumogakure 's Kinkaku Force , an enemy that somebody would need to distract and inevitably die at the hands of in order for the rest of the team to escape. Normal article layout is very similar to that found on Uncyclopedia with images aligned mostly to the right. It was founded in , when it began its noble goal of spreading the world's misinformation in the most inconspicuous way possible. If an editor is unable to find enough appropriate images he is required to create enough to fill the quota or his article will be deleted. However, most of them are bots , trolls or people with an agenda to push and the CIA. Hiruzen led the village's defence until Minato arrived to remove the Nine-Tails to a safe distance. Vandalists, not wanting their work to become inaccessible, contributed more than the average writer. He attempted to apprehend Orochimaru, but could not bring himself to strike down his favourite student and allowed him to escape. Despite their precautions, the Nine-Tails escaped and attacked the village. By , Wikipedia had become one of the top ten Web 2. Wikipedia, due to its popularity O RLY? Was it written by a friend of mine? For years he had ignored Root's questionable foreign ops, its abduction of children, and the actions it took against Konoha personnel, Hiruzen included. Third Fire Shadow of Konohagakure. Am I in a good mood? Hiruzen did so, but the villagers proved unable to follow Minato's wishes, prompting Hiruzen, now the village's Hokage once more, to outlaw any mention of the Nine-Tails, an effort to protect Naruto from their misguided hate. Hiruzen is appointed Hokage. Many people think it is vanadalised so often due to the obvious fact that it is written by pricks, for pricks. Although Wales and Sanger toyed with the idea of setting up a small porn server in a subdomain, they eventually decided that nobody really wanted to see them naked, and settled on switching to a.


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  1. Before needing to publicly leave the village as a criminal in order to hide Konoha's involvement in the Uchiha's destruction, Itachi asked Hiruzen to look after his younger brother, Sasuke , the only Uchiha he could not bring himself to kill.

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